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To read my creative journal, which encompasses everything from my floral work to lifestyle posts and personal reflections, please visit Also called Meadow, this journal is devoted to the creation of a beautiful, creative life. It's often said that our lives are our greatest works of art, the project that deserves our utmost attention and care. I am interested in living well, and living well, for me, means living a life of faith, reflection, and service. A life that makes room for the presence of beauty and simple things that elevate the day, and the spirit. 

From styled floral shoots to recipes, diy's, and personal reflections, this journal reveals the efforts, struggles, and joys that attend a creative life. My creative life, which is made all the richer for the presence of my readers. 

I believe in partnering with God to fulfill my creative, professional, and personal potential. And I believe that potential is squandered unless I am somehow serving others, sharing my story, and using the voice I have to say what matters, to me. 

Come take a walk through my meadow....