My name is McKenzie, and Meadow is my creation. I'm a floral designer who calls Amarillo, TX home, but welcomes freelance projects, worldwide travel, and any opportunity to design for editorial purposes. 

Expression is my lifeblood-- I've always been devoted to the arts, especially literature, poetry, dance, and of course floral design. Years ago, while still completing my English degree, I discovered wedding styling, and fell instantly love with this field for its ability to capture the beautiful, the beyond. Weddings deftly combine my love of visual imagery, storytelling, styling, and dreaming. They're a bit too much, in the best possible way.

When it came to choosing an expertise, flowers were the only choice for me. I have been drawn to them my whole life. I love to study flowers, work with them, draw them, touch them, and dream about them. They are the medium that best expresses the intangible, the beautiful; the content of dreams and prayers. I love flowers for any occasion-- events, editorials, corporate and creative collaborations, and of course weddings.

My dream wedding destination is Provence, my gemstone of choice is emerald, and my preferred wedding cake flavor is champagne. I love unconventional and effortless wedding gowns. My ideal floral experience is walking a field or meadow and gathering to my heart's content. For bouquet work, I love lily of the valley most of all. The florals of my dreams are always surreal, seemingly impossible installations that frame doors or altars or are suspended from the ceiling-- huge living sculptures of garden flowers. When it comes to styling, I'm a nonconformist and a rule-breaker but also a hopeless romantic. I like to take risks with design schemes but keep things super pretty. 

When I'm not designing, I love to read and consume art & design literature of all kinds. I practice yoga devoutly and am still a dancer at heart; I love the release and artistry that movement provides me. Humor is everything to me, and if my design work ever looks or feels the tiniest bit irreverent, that's because I often am. My faith is my reason for being, and I hope, even when I fail, that it infuses everything I touch. I view life as a sacred experience and opportunity to surrender completely to a Divine purpose. Meadow is a beautiful part of my purpose, and I am honored to share it with you.